Robinson Crusoe too

this is like the summer i read Journey to the Center of the Earth. and loved how magically “Tonight, Tonight” provided soundtrack.


i have nothing

to lose but individuals; nothing to gain but individuals.

i can be

terrifying. Sometimes the most beautiful & loving gifting is to be a mirror reflecting the other’s fear

learned to love

and at the cinemaplex

Bailey Be Barkin

It’s usually the just-relentless barking of that dog upstairs that gets me up mornings.

As soon as her owner leaves for work, it’s bark-bark-bark. Stops just before i get up there, and i’ll see her slinking off, embarrassed to’ve been caught dogging.

She’s way more than just a dog, she knows. She’s favored, special; she’s a champion.

everyone agrees: Bailey is a winner

There’s tons more proof & rewards in boxes downstairs as well. She’s a real rising star on the agility circuit.


it’ll be called Almost, and it will be the story of Kansas City, Missouri in the aughts, as it had been in the nineties, as it had it been the eighties also and in the decades previous.

an itinerant’s inteneraric retrospective

awaken & rise 8:08am.

in bed at 3:00am.

Mr. Blue Sky, Forever Young (Rod Stewart); WASH; Back to the Future Theme, Tripping Billies

6:16p text: “Sure, i’ll meet you for lunch tomorrow instead.” Immediately leave for KC.

the strange drive for overpriced gas and revisiting that same gas station by Comiskey from that last time.

3-6p: Chicago Institute of Tech Starbucks: not at all inspired to write

12:58p Ticket to Art Institute of Chicago.
“Are you a student?”
“I am, but i don’t have any proof beyond my youth.”

3:00am Suddenly awaken & rise, realizing must drive to Chicago, which is then actually happening somehow.

SLEEP (sickly)

5:05pm “Down, down, down” by Chris Brown, same exact phrase as hours before. Leave Srosa

Madden & Chatter

1ish: Srosa: “down, down, down” by Chris Brown, the phrase

11a: home from Austin

Lucky call from the Richardson jail, outside Dallas

1030p: leave Austin (first led-to & shown Pointing Man atop Capitol Building), abort Austin night exploration, abort Trip to the Gulf, back to KC

HBI Austin (itinerary); the moment w/ Matthew at the end; Royals shirt

7:30isham Awake & Rise

Econolodge, but no longer associated with Econolodge – its male & female aspects – the guy at night, the morning girl – and the sick owners, the fem i never saw.

DoubleTree Hotel – cheapest room? All booked. I doubt that.
“Do you know anywhere else i can have a home for tonight?”

3:45 – 6:45p driving around Austin: led-to & shown the Tower from which the Sniping back then

3:00am leave for Austin

11:30 home from work, cleaning and packing


accepting the Mini Cooper with its manual gear shift and just a big ol’ mischievious grin

almost accepting the Mercury Grand Marquis